Sunday, May 08, 2005

UV on canvas 8 ft wide x 12 ft high.


I.:.S.:. said...

Dave my brother you deserve all the complements & good energy you've garnered here. I hadn't looked at this corner of your web presence for a while. Things of great beauty.

Evi said...

I feel all the noise and the peace of the universe in this one.

dave bones said...

I can feel the noise but struggle with the peace.

Evi said...

Were you listening to music when you drew this? If so, what?

dave bones said...

Goa trance when Goa trance was good. I did lots of bucket bongs too and often sat in the corner at night scared of my painting as it revealed itself to me.

I painted this one over 10 years ago. Where are you in Greece? I have some friends who do the Samonthraki party.

Evi said...

I'm on the island of Evia in the capital, Halkida. Goa trance. I'll have to find some of that.
Were you scared of your painting because you were scared of yourself?(sorry but i am so nosy!)

dave bones said...

Thats not nosy. All blogger love talking about themselves innit?

The process in all these paintings was the same. I'd mix up some paint, get my brushes ready and do a huge bucket bong. I shinned a bright light at the white canvas and filled in the shapes I saw with a permanent marker.

I was always guided rather than trying. If I ever felt like I was trying I would start at random somewhere else.

They all linked up into coherent paintings on their own. The reason i was scared was because all of them seem to contain "Dragons" and "entities" perring from behind things.

I was taking acid 3 days a week for a year at the time. That probably didn't help.

dave bones said...

I've never heard of Evia. I've been to Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Santorini and Crete.

If you are Evangelia from Evia are you the princess of the island?

I miss the greek Islands. There is a lot of power in an island.

Evi said...

Evia is the 2nd largest island after Crete. It is connected to the mainland by two bridges. It has almost exactly the same shape as Crete but is lying vertically on the map.
You've been to plenty of islands here! Yeah, they do have power, especially Santorini.
As for your other question, i'm definitely no princess!

P.S. I kind of figured acid was involved. hehe

Smoke said...

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